Behind Bonnie & Clyde stand Miriam Kongstad and Jonas Frederiksen, two artists based in Copenhagen and Berlin. They create collaborative artworks and curates exhibitions. Bonnie & Clyde function as producing artists as well as a nomadic platform from where art can be displayed and experienced.


Bonnie & Clyde work towards a dynamic and direct artistic environment by inserting aesthetic inventions into unconventional contexts such as public spaces, private apartments, historical sites etc. This as a strategy to foster the bloom of an artistic scene of self-organisation and a freeing of framework of where and how artistic work can take place.


Bonnie & Clyde seek to create networks between their own artistic convictions and like-minded institutions and individuals and engages in collaborations on a global scale - networks which can’t wait - who take action and work from bullet-holed vehicles fuelled by passion, love and phantasy.