After Bonnie and Clyde’s run from the law ended on May 23rd of 1934, the town of Gibsland, Louisiana brings back to life, the death of Bonnie and Clyde, with an annual Bonnie and Clyde festival. Tourist visiting this festival can see reenactments of the ambush, as well as bank robberies and hostage taking. Relatives of both Bonnie and Clyde are also known to frequent the festival in a meet and greet mannerism.

Although Bonnie and Clyde memorabilia will fetch top dollar to a collector, the festival does not feature many items, but most people go any ways to enjoy the reenactments as well as a plethora of pictures of the infamous couple.

The people of Gibsland as well as the vendors will tell you that they are not doing it in order to commemorate Bonnie and Clyde; they do it so that the history would not be lost.

Any way you look at it, regardless of your view, the Bonnie and Clyde festival in Gibsland, Louisiana is a great place to go for their yearly reenactments of the grizzly killing and lives of one of the most infamous couple in not only American history, but the world’s as well.

The History and legacy of bonnie and Clyde stretches over a large portion of the Middle South region of the United States as well as parts farther north. In their earlier career, Bonnie and Clyde had stolen a car in Ohio, and then drove it to Michigan where they left it along side the road. It was for this act, clear across the country, that the FBI first involved themselves with the Bonnie and Clyde case, but the end of the case was in Louisiana. The case has been ended but never really closed due to all the controversy surrounding the life and death of the duo.

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